Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Reorder Drawing Sheets in CATIA V5

One of the most asked questions I’ve seen on various CATIA forums is: How do you reorder drawing sheets in CATIA V5? Many times when dealing with a large CATDrawing with multiple sheets, the sheets are typically not in any logical order, which can get quite confusing. The best thing to do is rearrange the drawing sheets in a logical order, and not just rename them. If you want to reorder the sheets in V5 R17 or lower then you are stuck doing it the old fashioned way: cut and paste. Don’t worry, this method should still keep any links to CATParts or CATProducts, simply select the sheets in the order you want, cut, then paste as specified.

How to Reorder Drawing Sheets in CATIA V5

Fortunately, if you are using R18 or higher you now have access to a handy Reorder tool. Select the drawing sheets you want to rearrange, right click, go to Selected Objects, then click Reorder (as shown in the picture). If you hover over the sheets an arrow will appear. That’s how you reorder drawing sheets in CATIA V5.

Here’s a good video tutorial on the drawing workbench in CATIA.

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